Welcome to my blog, I cook for leftovers.  Which, I do.  I love to cook, but after so many years in foodservice, have a hard time cooking for only one or two.  It usually takes just as much effort and time to make 3 gallons of gumbo as it does one gallon, or 2 pounds of red beans as it does a half pound.  And, really, it’s so nice to be able to just heat up the leftovers for dinner during the week.  Only problem?  Some people (no names), don’t like leftovers.  So, in my house, there is a considerable amount of effort in transforming leftovers into new dishes.  Sometimes they are not so good, but sometimes, they are awesome!  Did I mention my husband loves to cook also?  A line cook in a former lifetime, he enjoys determining the best way to cook a dish or item.  We both approach the kitchen having done a lot of research on a recipe, and then head into the kitchen with reckless abandon and joie de vivre!  Our neighbors and friends benefit on a regular basis from our culinary adventures, and I finally decided that it was about time to record them for posterity, and hopefully, someone else’s benefit.  Please let us know how your experiments turn out.