Failure in the kitchen

So, it’s Sunday night.  Yesterday, I experienced failure in the kitchen.  I had a HUGE (had to upgrade pots twice) pot of red beans that smelled so delicious, my 7-year old was salivating, asking me, when are they going to be ready?  I made fried catfish Saturday evening, and all she wanted was the fried catfish and red beans.  I tasted the beans for s&p, added a heaping teaspoon of beef base (they already had a nice ham-bone in there- what made them smell so good), and then it was just a matter of letting them cook down to the proper consistency.  Well, we had purchased two after-Mardi Gras King Cakes, the last of the lasts, because we didn’t actually have any before Mardi Gras, and our Rouses still had some for sale Saturday morning.  I took half of each flavor we had purchased to our neighbors, and before I left the house, turned the burner off on our delicious red beans.

Our neighbors were ecstatic to see the king cakes. They put on a fresh pot of coffee, we all had some and they ate their king cake.  We visited, chatted,  caught up on neighborhood and family gossip.  Finally, we ret

Finished Fresh Red Beans

Finished Fresh Red Beans

urned home.

As I neared my front door, I broke out into a run.  I could smell the smell of charcoal, which, on this day, could only come from my delicious red beans.  Unfortunately, when I “turned off” the burner before crossing the street, I actually just set it to HIGH.  And yes, they burned.  I tried to save them, filled up 3  quart containers of beans without disturbing the bottom.  However, when you approach a house that has a pot of beans SMOKING on the stove, well, they are beyond redemption.  They went from tasting fantastic, to tasting like charcoal.  Eeewwww!!!

So, I mourned a little, but not a lot.  It was more important to clean up and remove the offending charcoal smell from the house.  I had to open the windows on each side of the house to get the smell out.  Yes, it’s hard to throw out something that you know would have made great freezer food, filled a lot of happy bellys, too.  Oh well.

Every once in a while, everyone experiences failure in the kitchen but, you have to move on!


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