Leftover Grilled Veggies=Grilled Veggie Wraps

What to do with a  bunch of lovely leftover grilled veggies?  Make a wrap….or two or three, and share with a friend.  So, even though I sent a lot of saturday night’s dinner home with a friend so she  would have dinner on Sunday, there were still plenty of leftovers.

I made three wraps like this on Monday, and two more on Tuesday.  The eggplant was so delicious, my friend wanted to know EXACTLY how it was prepared and cooked.  Well, simply.  Olive oil, salt and pepper.  No adobo, no herbs, no lemon.  The eggplant was the last thing we put on the grill, when the temperature was a little lower (how low? Not sure, the temp gauge is not very accurate), closed the lid and let it do its thing.  They were grilled on a Bubba Keg, which holds excellent heat.

Veggie Wrap, first layer

Veggie Wrap, first layer

We started with a little mayo, avocado, red onion and roasted bell peppers.  The eggplant, some of the leftover marinated zucchini w/ feta salad, some of the leftover marinated tomato salad and grilled chicken meat.  Basically, just about everything leftover except the sausage, with a few other things.  The leftover ingredients were so flavorful, that the mayo was unnecessary.  The vinaigrette dressing on those two salads was the perfect seasonings – nothing else required.  It was a super healthy lunch, and the wraps were super healthy, too, having 13 grams of fiber each.  It kept us all pretty full until dinnertime, and saved me from having to cook dinner, too.  The advantages of leftovers.

Grilled Vegetable Wrap, plus chicken

Grilled Vegetable Wrap, plus chicken

Sorry about the fuzzy pictures…..

a little sriracha sauce...

a little sriracha sauce…

And, 5 sandwich wraps were served!  It was a delicious and filling lunch.  I have to say, too, that the fact that they came from the Farmer’s Market, and not from the store (trucked in from across the country) had a lot to do with the great taste.  My friend, who also had a wrap two days in a row, said that the second day was actually better????



Gotta love leftovers!


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