Farmer’s Market Finds: Pumpkins in July

This is not my photo, but, it is the same type of pumpkin that I saw at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  It was so beautiful and perfect, and, well, big!  I so wanted to buy it, but wasn’t sure it I would be able to deal with it.  They do last a long time, but, I also know that he will have lots more of these beauties.

Due to the impending weather, a lot of the vendors did not show up, mainly because they know that a lot of the people will not show up.  But, we went, and got some beautiful tomatoes, eggplants, and restocked our honey supply.

I also talked to the Ladies who bring in the peaches every summer, and asked them how many more weeks they would have peaches.  They said that next week, July 28th, would probably be the last time they would have the peaches.  MUST GO!  EARLY!

The above link is where I found the photo, he has a lot of useful information about produce.

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