Smoked Oysters, Mango, & Cream Cheese Appetizers

Too many years ago, longer than I want to count, I went to visit my friend one workday afternoon. Her husband was out of town, she had already fed the baby (the baby who is now in college!), and was indulging in a glass of wine and an adult appetizer.  No baby food here.  What she was eating was smoked oysters with cream cheese on crackers, each bite topped with a little piece of just ripe mango.  The combination was excellent.  Smoky fishy, with the juicy sweetness of the mango mixing it up in my mouth.  One of the most memorable food moments I’ve had.

Although I love raw oysters on the half-shell, these smoked oysters in a can were not part of my food knowledge.  I don’t remember ever seeing or hearing of them before that day.

Now, however, I get the craving for these every few months, so, I always try to keep a few cans in the pantry.  My family just looks at, them like, you really eat this?

Smoked Oysters

Smoked Oysters

Well, it’s a great way to get the Omega-3’s in, and the vitamin C in the mango certainly doesn’t hurt.

I also like to add a little red onion, or cilantro, or sriracha sauce.  Or just plain old hot sauce.  Sometimes I put all three.  A pretty filling and healthy lunch.  And, when my friend’s students ask what she’s eating for lunch, they quickly retreat, giving her some much needed peace and quiet.

The day that I had this for lunch, I also had a very juicy tomato, topped with yes, mayonnaise.  Since the really good tomatoes will be gone soon, it was a real treat.

I think I need to remember to get the small oysters next time, had to cut some of the mediums in half.

The lunch plate.

The lunch plate.

All put together.

All put together.

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