Pizza on the Grill

I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite meals to make. After the first few runs, you learn what works for you, and what doesn’t. We lost many pizza shells the first few times. Sad, sad. But, now, we pretty much have it down.

Grilled pizza shells, and our toppings of choice.

Grilled pizza shells, and our toppings of choice.

Key points:

  • Make a double or even triple batch of pizza dough.
  • Bake the shells first.
  • Invite some friends, especially kids.
  • DO NOT let the kids roll out their own pizza doughs, unless they super-experienced.  They have a tendency to overwork the dough, reshape the dough, which results in really yucky pizza.
  • Instead, let the kids pick and assemble their own toppings.
  • Have a REALLY, REALLY HOT grill.  Big Green Eggs and Bubba Kegs are best.
  • If the grill is cleaned and OILED (cleaned with a wire brush, and oiled with a paper towel with vegetable oil), oh yeah, and REALLY HOT,   you really don’t need to “oil” the pizza dough.
  • Have an oil and garlic flavored olive oil for a change of pace.
  • Have lots and lots of little dishes with lids, for easy service, and easy cleanup.
  • Have long tongs.
  • Have a good tray to bring pizzas to the grill, and from the grill
  • Why should you make a double or triple batch?  Once you have the grill good and hot, you can grill the pizza shells (and freeze them as is), and/or bake the topped pizzas (and then freeze them, and reheat in oven.)  To freeze in oven, shells or topped pizzas, wrap well in a good saran wrap and place in a sealed bag in freezer.  Pull out and thaw when needed; reheat in oven. Enjoy!!!

Even though there’s only 3 of us, we have widely varied tastes.  One only wants spinach and pepperoni on hers.  The other wants ham and pineapple. And he also wants artichokes, sausage, pepperoni and banana peppers.

Me?  I want a pizza magherita, with just tomatoes, good mozzarella (any kind, really), and some fresh basil.  I’ve also been know to add anchovies OR eggplant to one’s spinach and pepperoni pizza.  Either one is great.

Oh yeah, and when you google pizza on the grill, and you end up with a bunch of pictures of really oddly shaped pizzas.  The reason?  A gentle handling of the dough, no rolling pins, just a gentle stretching of the dough.  Which results in some oddly shaped pizzas.  But, when that really HOT grill hits the dough, the dough puffs up, and crisps, and tastes sooo good!!

Yeah, we work with a lot of toppings.

Find a good pizza dough.  There are several methods: a few hours or a whole day!  I’ve done both, the quick method, and the long method which uses a “poolish” which is an extended sponge.  If you have the forethougt and the time, the long method tastes best, but, with the  grill, (and not overworking the dough), the quick method is good, too.  Today’s pizza was made using the quick method.  I started making a poolish, but, after 30 minutes realized it would not be ready in time, so, started a second batch of “regular” pizza dough.


Spinach & Pepperoni, pre-baked.

Spinach & Pepperoni, pre-baked.

Two different grilled pizzas.

Two different grilled pizzas.

One with a bite taken out....yummy!

One with a bite taken out….yummy!

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