Farmer’s Market Finds: Luscious Green Onions, On the Grill

When you have access to a well-stocked farmer’s market, there are certain things you can count on as the seasons change.  With cooler weather, the farmers are always sure to have a nice supply of luscious green onions.  These green onions are nothing like the puny little ones you find at the store, but instead are left to grow until they are of a good size.  One of these green onions is equal to about 4 or 5 store-bought one.  These are delicious when added to some typical  cool weather foods: Gumbo, Chili, Rice and Gravy, Grits and Grillades.  All taste better with a sprinkle of these.

However, sometimes, when the onions are this nice, it only seems fair to let them stand on their own, and be a dish of and by themselves.  One way to do this is to grill them.  Tossed in a little bit of olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, a few grill marks, and Voila!  Delicious with some hamburgers, steaks or kabobs.

Monster Green Onions versus Grocery Store Onions!

Monster Green Onions versus Grocery Store Onions!

Farmer’s Market Finds

Several weeks after Hurricane Isaac dumping over 20 inches of rain in my area, I had little hope of finding good veggies.  Even though I get a very cheery weekly update by email, I was disheartened to see that one of my favorite farmers (and almost a neighbor) did have to replant nearly his entire garden.  But, it is replanted, and several of the other farmer’s have greenhouses, so lots of green veggies were available.  Beautiful bright green eggplants, bok choy, tomatoes, bell peppers, lemongrass, turnip greens…enough to keep a family fed for a week.  What really caught my eye, though, were the really large, beautiful green onions.  I selected a little bit of everything, and the wheels were churning on what to do with these green onions.

Whereas green onions are used worldwide as last minute flavoring or garnish, when they’re this gorgeous, they deserve to be cooked and served as a dish unto themselves.  Sometimes, less is more.

I rinsed them, and hand-trimmed them (entails peeling off any straggly looking leaves), and set them aside to dry as soon as I got home.  We had family in town, and were going to grill hamburgers and sausage.  I decided to grill the onions on the grill.  Rolled in a little bit of olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper was all that was needed to season these.  Placed on the (extremely hot!) grill (about 800 degrees- thanks Bubba Keg!) for about 5 minutes on each side.  Just long enough to char them, wilt the greens and soften the small bulb bases.

They’re a little slippery, but most people just ate them like a noodle, starting at one end and slowly chewing down to the base.

Luscious green onions!

Luscious green onions!

Grilled green onions!

Grilled green onions!

The few that were left over I minced up and added to some leftover chicken with a little bit of mayo, grilled green onions, and a few drops of barbecue sauce.  Tasted like it will make a great wrap for my lunch tomorrow!


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