Farmer’s Market Find: Roasted Cauliflower Romanesco


A most unusual looking vegetable that is mesmerizing to look at due to its fractal qualities. An Italian vegetable that has been bred since the 16th century, to this day it seems to be reserved for royalty and nobility.

To me, Romanesco cauliflower has the texture of white cauliflower with a nutty and sweet taste closer to broccoli.

Its unusual chartreuse color begs to be shown off on the dinner table. Simple preparations are best suited for this.

When the weather is cooler, I love to roast vegetables, simply because I can. Come summer it is too hot down here to use the oven hardly at all.

A little olive oil, some kosher salt and fresh black pepper is all that is needed.


A foil-lined baking sheet makes for an easy clean up.



On this day, I also roasted some fresh brussel sprouts that I found at the market that day.

The keys to good roasted vegetables are long, slow cooking. Don’t use too much olive oil. I like to toss the cut up veggies in a bowl with whatever seasonings you are using. Besides helping with the clean-up, I find that the foil helps give a better browning.



Buen provecho!

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