Mango Salad with Red Onion and Cilantro, and How to Cut a Mango

One of my daughter’s favorite stories to hear is how we used to eat mangoes at lunch at our little school. I think that she finds it very romantic that during mango season, we would not go home for lunch, … Continue reading

Grilled Apricots with Blue Cheese and Walnuts

In south Louisiana,  it is hard to come by good fresh apricots.   Like other stone fruits, their season and shelf life are short.  I bought a little box the other day because one of them smelled good.  When I got … Continue reading

German’s Sweet Chocolate Cake

German’s Sweet Chocolate Cake does not come from Germany; rather, the sweet chocolate bar was created by Sam German, in the 1850’s.  In the 1957, a Dallas newspaper printed the first known version of this cake.  The recipe was submitted … Continue reading