Farmer’s Market Find: Fresh Figs wrapped in Prosciutto


Fully loaded fig tree, up close.


A LOT of figs!

A true farmer’s market find, although you’re more likely to find it hiding in someone’s back yard.  Last week I was lucky enough to have my mother bring me some figs from her back yard.  This week, I’m doing the picking, in central Louisiana at my in-law’s.  A bountiful supply!!

Of course, we had to eat some fresh.  I had picked up a few packets of pre-sliced prosciutto on the way up, hoping to pair it with the figs.

I had them try it on a little piece of french bread…


and then I had them try it without the bread, just the fig, cheese, and prosciutto.




We all liked it better without the bread, as the bread tends to dilute the flavors of the figs and prosciutto.

We used regular old cream cheese, but a fresh goat cheese or other mild soft cheese would be delicious, too.

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