Avocado-Sardine Sandwich

According to Alton Brown of Good Eats fame, this singular sandwich helped him to lose over 50 pounds a few years ago.


I have to say, though, it did keep me full and satisfied for hours afterward.

To get his full method as explained on the show, visit here http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/01/alton-browns-sardine-avocado-sandwich-diet.html

There is even the video from that episode of Good Eats.

It is a very healthy sandwich, high in all the omega’s and anti-inflammatory to boot.

I had an abundance of avocados (the ones I left at home the other day) as well as an abundance of canned sardines in the pantry in a zealous attempt to include them regularly into my diet.  Ha.

I have tried several types of sardines, however, and the can pictured below are turning out to me my favorite.  The brand is Bela and these are wild-caught sardines.  They are larger than the brislings, and thus do not include the heads. If is just the body of the fish.  The bones are pretty easy to pick out, if you want, but they are edible.  The lemon-flavored ones are perfect on a cracker.  However, for this sandwich with the avocado, I find that a little more lemon juice or vinegar is needed to offset the richness.

Want to know more about sardines?  Go here – http://www.sardinediet.com/defined.htm

Buen provecho!


The ingredients.


Adding the sardines…


The avocado, and of course, some hot sauce.



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