Cooking a Classic: Spinach and Ham Quiche

Also known as, giving your groceries a few more days.


Classic Spinach and Ham Quiche

For thanksgiving, we went to see the families.  I was planning on being gone for less than 2 days, and then traveling the next day to see the other side of the family.  On our journey home from the in-laws, my husband texted me an hour out, “I forgot Maggie.”  Maggie, our cute and sweet puppy, was having so much fun with the other dogs and kids that he got in the car and left her.    So, my husband met us for lunch (we had just ordered when we received the text), and my daughter and I returned to get her.  Why us?  Because Little Bit was missing her cousins, had been very very upset that she had to leave all the cousin fun.

So, we returned and spent one more night.

The next morning, we travelled to my sister’s, a little bit southwest of Lafayette.  On the way, we picked up some sweet potatoes (still with the dirt on), got some real! smoked turkey wings, and picked up some of the best smoked sausage in the state of Louisiana.  In my opinion, anyway.


Burning sugarcane fields, the unrecognized cost of sugar.

And got to witness miles and miles of burning sugarcane  fields, which was an eye-opening experience for Little Bit.

So, it was just as well he forgot the dog, because it allowed me to travel a highway that is no longer a regular destination of ours.

I do miss Lafayette, LA!

Well, when I perused my fridge the Sunday after Thanksgiving, there were all these things in there!  Pie crust – never made the pie.  Sliced ham for sandwiches and fresh spinach for Little Bit  that we weren’t home to eat.  Heavy cream.  And cheese.  Always lots and lots of cheese.  It was the pie crust that sealed the deal.  Throw  it all in there and have a quiche.  I could not tell you how many years it has been since I made a quiche.  And, if it hadn’t been for that store-bought quiche, it would probably be that many more.

Quantities are flexible.  Recipes range from 2 to 6 eggs; milk, half-n-half, or heavy cream; what type of vegetable or meat; and the cheese.  As long as it all fits in the pan.]


Sauteing the leeks, to which we added about 4 handfuls of fresh spinach


One pastry shell…


Various cheeses…cheddar, gouda, pecorino romano…


about 6 slices of deli ham, chopped up


No prebaking required. Start with some cheese, then ham, then cheese.


Add the leeks and spinach. More ham, then cheese.


Pour in the liquid- I used 5 eggs and 1/2 cup of heavy cream with about 6 drops hot sauce.


Place on a tray in case it bubbles over. Bake at 350 until it doesn’t jiggle in the middle. This will take about 40 minutes.


Looks good!


See how the filling pulls away from the sides a little bit? And there is no jiggle in the center.


Quiche, done right.


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