Sardine Salad with Parsley on Cucumbers


No real recipe here, just a simple combination of canned sardines, lots of parsley, and some of my preserved kumquat peels with a little bit mayonnaise.  I used the boneless skinless sardines (hey, some sardines is better than no sardines!) and the peels of half a kumquat. 

Next time I will probably use the peel of 2 kumquats.  If you do not have preserved lemons, oranges, or kumquats, freshly grated lemon or orange zest would be just as nice. 

A handful or two of chopped parsley and the citrus help to cut the richness of the oily little fishes.  A little dab  of mayo helps to keep it all together.  And the cool slices of cucumber are just that, nice and cool.  A little drop of siracha would be a last touch.  Can you tell this is a desk lunch?  



One thought on “Sardine Salad with Parsley on Cucumbers

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