Farmer’s Market Find: Radishes

Yummy yummy radishes!  And in what an assortment of colors.

My latest find is the watermelon radish:  it is vibrant and beautiful.



An assorted colorful bunch of radishes from the farmer’s market.

The Patricia Radish

The Patricia Radish


Some regular radishes with fresh butter from a local creamery and kosher salt. An unlikely combination, but after reading about it years ago in a story book, I had to try it when presented with fresh butter and fresh radishes. Addictive!


This beautiful watermelon radish came from Whole Foods. In the center is some Tzaziki; the two pair really well together.


With the crispy crunch and peppery bite, watermelon radishes are a great addition to Lentil sliders. Adding some pepperoncinis and Tzaziki sauce to cool things down, ties it all together.


To get my recipe for the lentil sliders, you can find the recipe here:


Strawberry Radish Chicken Pecan with your favorite vinaigrette for a delicious lunch.

Strawberry Radish Chicken Pecan Salad…top with your favorite vinaigrette for a delicious lunch.  These radishes were a gift from my neighbor…and they were delicious!



Radishes...fresh from my neighbor's garden.

Radishes…fresh from my neighbor’s garden.

I also added radishes to this winter salad.  Many places could probably obtain the ingredients year-round from their farmer’s market to make this (except for the kumquats!)

To get my recipe for my Soba Noodle Salad with Winter Vegetables and Sweet Kumquats, go here:

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