I started this post the first weekend in April, but Life gets in the way sometimes. This is not always a bad thing. Being forced to slow down has caused a gardening obsession to finally flourish.

My entire life I’ve wanted to grow tomatoes like my grandfather’s. It’s one of the reasons we bought a 9-acre parcel of land 12 years ago. I quickly built some very large “flower/vegetable” raised beds. By the end of the year I was pregnant, and then started having health problems.

The huge beds became crazy overgrown with weeds, so one day I requested my husband to bulldoze 3 of these huge beds that I could no longer maintain because it just made a depressed girl even more depressed to look at them. He thought I was off my rockers, but the neglected and overgrown beds were simply a grim reminder of all that I couldn’t do anymore.

Well, that was probably 6 or 7 years ago. Sometimes things have to get much worse so that a handful of Dr’s can finally figure out exactly what it is they’re treating. And then it can take months and months (and months) to feel the benefits of modern medicine. But eventually, things have gotten better.

Which brings us back to this tomato obsession. The fact that I can finally indulge and bring to fruition a lifelong vision… well we’ll just say that I love to sit and gaze at these little plants and smile. Life is often about the little things.

Since the first week of April, we have a few cherry tomatoes ready to pick as well as many on the way.

The other vegetables we planted in my neighbor’s garden and they are rocking along. Except for the peas and beans- the deer ate most of the just sprouted plants, and we hope to reseed them soon now that he installed his electric fence.

Here’s to summer and some very long overdue home grown tomatoes!


































4 thoughts on “Anticipation…

    • Sometimes when I’m admiring my seedlings, I imagine him sitting next to me. I’m also ecstatic that just 2 days ago Cayleigh finally fell in love with tomatoes. Purple hulls, tomatoes, and cornbread this summer!

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