Meyer Lemon Focaccia







Last April or May, I was cleaning out the refrigerator and found a lonely Meyer Lemon lurking in the vegetable drawer. Lurking? Surviving, more like. Since citrus season was long over, it had been in there for at least 2 months. I went to throw it the garbage, but, it felt firm…looked just fine. Almost fine. Too fine to just throw away!

Don’t let that Meyer lemon lurk much longer.

Well, it’s January, and here on the Gulf Coast Meyer lemon season is just about done.  If you have only a few Meyer lemons left to enjoy, this is a really easy and nice way to enjoy the sweet flavor of a Meyer lemon.

I used my favorite pizza dough recipe , but use your favorite recipe.  Here is a tried and true recipe  fron King Arthur flour.  This is kind of a no-recipe recipe, just a guideline.

  • One batch pizza dough
  • turbinado or large sprinkling sugar
  • fresh herb of your choice – I used rosemary; it’s one of the few that survives all winter, usually, and is great with lemon
  • Olive oil

Make the dough following your favorite recipe, on one above. Once the dough has completed it’s 1st rising (doubled in size,),

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Turn out the dough, and stretch out on an oiled baking sheet.  The dough should be between 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick.  Make sure to dimple it.  Let rise for 30 minutes, add toppings,  finishing with the sprinkling sugar and the fresh rosemary.  Also, I would add more fresh rosemary than I did on this one.  Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, let cool and enjoy.


















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