Black Pepper Buttermilk Biscuits


A long, long time ago, my husband called me at work and asked me to stop at a specific store and pick up a particular brand of black pepper biscuits.  My response wash, “I can make that.”  No, he said, these were the best in the world, so highly rated that we have to try them. Okey dokey.

I finally found them in the store in the frozen section.  The price for a dozen was astronomical, in my feeble minded memory.  In my mind, they were like a dollar a piece.  Hopefully, my memory is wrong, because I hope I never paid $10-$12.00 for a dozen little biscuits.  Compared to the price of eating out, though, I went ahead and bought them.

They were delicious, but not enough to justify the cost we both decided.  (Thank God!)

So, on a lazy weekend, I made biscuits and added a bunch of black pepper to the flour.  They were almost as good.  I say almost, because the purchased ones were much butterier.  Probably because they had twice as much butter, I guess.  But, still, delicious enough to not want to buy those again!

Start by making buttermilk biscuits…  White Lily self-rising flour is definitely the way to go.   (It’s only been since I tried it did my biscuits ever turn out better than hockey pucks.) Grating frozen butter helps to keep those little pockets of butter.  And, mix the dough until just mixed; do not overwork the dough.




Why do I make square biscuits?  Why not?  It helps make for a more stream-lined process, no re-rolling of scraps which leaves those last few biscuits a lot tougher.  I do cut them in little rectangles, just large enough to fold over to they are easy to open and stuff in the fillings.


For this weekend brunch, I had leftover steamed baby red potatoes which I “smashed” and fried up in a little olive oil/butter mix.  Salt and pepper as soon as you remove them so it sticks.

Add a fried egg, and some fried country ham… the next meal after this yummy brunch will be linner.  (According to my daughter!)



And, a fabulous breakfast served with some homemade blueberry jam. 









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