Pork Tenderloin with Peppery Peach Sauce

It’s still peach season…a great way to make a savory peach dinner.


You know those people who make a recipe, but substitute just about every ingredient in the recipe and then say what a horrible recipe it is?  Yeah, I don’t care for those people.

Summertime peaches... Summertime peaches…

Or, maybe it turned out great! But, hey, we substituted nearly every ingredient….. Well, I did that…. Not on purpose, it’s just what my mother-in-law had on hand in her kitchen that day.

In the middle of the week, Wednesdays, I believe, our local newspaper prints the big food section.  My co-worker always points out the interesting ones that have fresh produce.  A few weeks ago, it was peaches.  Everything looked yummy.  The one that caught both of our attention was a recipe for a pork tenderloin with a peach sauce.

Fast forward to that Saturday, when I headed up north a few hours to drop off my daughter to her grandparents.  There, on one…

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