Cheese Fondue

It’s that time of year again… cheese fondue is a great dish to bring to a holiday party.. Cheers!


For the last few years, it has become tradition to spend Christmas Eve at my brother & sister in-law’s house in New Orleans. Over the years, I have made too many dishes to bring  Like, four.  – Why did I bring 4, when it is a potluck, and everyone is bringing a dish?  And these are some impressive home cooks, and sometimes professional chefs.   They were all good, all delicious, all were eaten…but it was just too much. Over the last year, I have realized that I was doing this in an effort to prove (to myself, mainly), that I can still do all that I could once do. But, overcompensation is physically draining.  Physical exhaustion and fatigue end up draining your mental and emotional reserves, too, straining relationships, jobs, etc.  It’s a vicious cycle. It’s hard to accept that life has placed a few impositions and restrictions on…

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