Pasticho Venezolana, aka Lasagne Bolognese aka Pasticciata Bolognese aka The Real Italian Lasagna

If you are looking for a standard american lasagne, this recipe is not for you. It is, however, the food of my memories. One of my absolutely all-time favorite dishes.  A traditional Italian lasagna, which relies on a great ragu … Continue reading

Butterflied Grilled Tri-tip for Fajitas

A simple marinade produces great results. As mentioned previously (, I only pick these up when they are on sale. First, butterfly the tri-tip. Start with the thickest end of the tri-tip away from you.  With your sharpest knife (I … Continue reading

Distinctively Louisiana: Grits and Grillades

Grits and Grillades are a Louisiana tradition.  It is typically served as a brunch dish usually for a family get-together like Christmas morning or during Mardi Gras. This is my husband’s family recipe. Don’t deviate! And, he always has to … Continue reading