Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce

I think this will make a great marinara for my daughter. This whole venture came about because of her. Ever since she was a toddler, I’ve tried to get her to try to eat ravioli. Well, Hurricane Katrina happened about … Continue reading

Louisiana Blue Panzanella (Tomato, Blue Cheese & Bread Salad)

It’s summertime, and it seems like it’s the natural thing to do to combine the best of the local goodies.  By marrying some of the best local cheese (a blue cheese made by Chef John Folse), fresh tomatoes from the … Continue reading

Eggplant & Zucchini Gratin

My sister makes a delicious eggplant & zucchini gratin.  She uses a lot of olive oil, good cheese, salt & pepper, a few other spices that satisfy her whim of the day (although this always includes fresh ground coriander)…and cream.  … Continue reading

Open-Faced Tomato Goat Cheese Sandwich

December is not the time to talk about fresh tomatoes. However, several recent trips to the farmer’s market have had tomatoes.  Having faith in the vendor, I went ahead and bought them.  They had a nice red color, so…. After … Continue reading

Farmer’s Market Find: Fresh Red Beans

Shelled Fresh Red Beans

 I love my local Farmer’s Market.  I’ve been going since Cayleigh was an infant. DH went with me in the beginning, but now he just makes special requests (rich chocolate brownies!).  I haven’t been much in the past year, but … Continue reading