Hearts of Palm Salad

My contribution for Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s the kind of salad that might be served in any Central or South American country, or even the Caribbean islands.  Due to historically poor refrigeration, both in transportation and in the stores, lettuce … Continue reading

Cabbage Rolls, for the freezer

Cabbage Rolls, a memory of my childhood.   Although I don’t remember my mother or grandmother making them, it’s actually from a friend of my  mother’s  whose casserole dish has stuck in my  head all these years.  They were really, really good. … Continue reading

Mimi’s Choucroute

Coleslaw, old world style.  Another family favorite and a must-have dish at any family get-together. When I got married, I had to learn how to make my mother-in-law’s coleslaw, (and her potato salad, too).  Since I wasn’t a big fan … Continue reading

Smothered Creamy Cabbage, AND Cabbage Mushroom Pasties

Perfectly browned!

One recipe yields two products. Smothered Creamy Cabbage yields a wonderful creamy side dish.  This smothered cabbage also makes a great pastie, handpie, or turnover filling (pick your title!)  Given the hurricane weather, I picked up a package of Crescent … Continue reading