Salsa Verde… Parsley, tarragon, capers and fresh garlic​ over soft feta cheese.

This is so good, and a great way to use up some of those herbs you’re planting this spring.  Make sure to plant a few tarragon plants. This is a super easy condiment that goes well with a variety of … Continue reading

Roasted Halloumi Olive Tapenade Pasta Salad

My sister is a fabulous cook, with totally different tastes than mine.  Well, not totally different… Her kitchen is the only kitchen in the world (that I know of) that I can walk into, and all the comforts that I … Continue reading

Butterflied Grilled Tri-tip for Fajitas

A simple marinade produces great results. As mentioned previously (, I only pick these up when they are on sale. First, butterfly the tri-tip. Start with the thickest end of the tri-tip away from you.  With your sharpest knife (I … Continue reading

Grilled Apricots with Blue Cheese and Walnuts

In south Louisiana,  it is hard to come by good fresh apricots.   Like other stone fruits, their season and shelf life are short.  I bought a little box the other day because one of them smelled good.  When I got … Continue reading

Open-Faced Tomato Goat Cheese Sandwich

December is not the time to talk about fresh tomatoes. However, several recent trips to the farmer’s market have had tomatoes.  Having faith in the vendor, I went ahead and bought them.  They had a nice red color, so…. After … Continue reading