Zesty Lentil Enchiladas with Bechamel

As you know, I love lentils.  Of the four varieties currently in my kitchen, the regular inexpensive brown ones are my favorite. Once again, I have a new love for lentils in a totally different form, that’s not a soup, … Continue reading

Farmer’s Market Find: Zucchini Cornbread Muffins

Too many zucchini’s? Zucchini’s growing TOO BIG?  Yes, I was gifted several very large zucchini’s early in summer, as well as some corn. I was craving cornbread, and for some reason, I thought zucchini cornbread sounded like a really great … Continue reading

Farmer’s Market Finds: Simple Summer Salad

After a light toss, before I really mixed it all up....

I love tomatoes.  My goal has always been to grow tomatoes as tasty as my grandfather did.  That may never happen.  But, the tomatoes at my local farmer’s market have been keeping me happy for the last 10 years.  Thank … Continue reading