Shrimp Remoulade, Well Plated

Hottest day of the year, September 7,2019. Made shrimp Remoulade for Mimi and Bebe Saturday night. Mimi went to ER this past week cause she couldn’t breathe. She actually called the ambulance.

Turns out, “just” COPD, and they sent her home with a few days of Prednisone, some inhaler.

So I took a break from fixing the house to sell – cause I have the most amazing sister in the world – and weny to visit for the night, cook dinner for Mimi and Bebe.

On impulse, I had picked up 2 pounds of huge shrimp at the farmer’s market that morning. Ended up cooking them in the afternoon, and taking thrm up there for a nice and cool, pretty traditional shrimp Remoulade salad, well-plated.

Two very happy ladies!


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